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Circus Vladimir draws upon more than 40 years of experience to provide amazing spectacles. Our circus performers dazzle crowds with a variety of incredible acts. To help you put on an event of your own, we also offer reliable circus tent rental.

Exceptional Family Entertainment

The traditional, live performances we stage are ideal for all of the family. The entertainment we provide transcends the generations, engaging everyone from young children through to grandparents.

Some Of Our Acts

This Is How It All Began.

Vladimir Pavlov

At the age of 14 Vladimir started his circus career where he trained to be a horseback trick rider. After years of perfecting this art he then felt he needed to push his limits higher so in 1989 he decided he would create an act that never had been seen on any circus or anybody's imagination. This unique act took him three years to perfect and as soon as he presented it to the general public it wasn't long until he was nominated and won a very prestigious Circus award in Moscow in 1992. Shortly after becoming very famous for his achievements he travelled Europe and whilst working in Ireland he met the love of his life alike minded circus lover Jacqueline courtney. After some time Jacqueline gave birth to their daughter kourtney who is currently performing at Circus Vladimir. Within weeks of kourtney being born Vladimir was due to appear on the Guinness world record's as he was the only artist to perform his own unique act. 

In preparation for the record-breaking show he worked his act live and at 11 m high, risking his life with no Safety net... he fell.
Surprisingly he survived the fall but he was left in a coma for 3 days. Spending months in recovery he knew he could never return to the air but his love for Circus still carried on and with his newly born daughter Kourtney, he knew he could teach her everything he knew about love, life and circus. Now that his 19-year-old daughter Kourtney has come of age and totally shares his passion for circus he believes now is the time to share what he has learnt over the past 40 years by bringing some of the best and unique circus artists that have never been seen in the UK.

Vladimir, Kourtney and the whole family can guarantee that Circus Vladimir will be a circus experience that will stay in your hearts forever


Kourtney Pavlov - Hula Hoops & Aerial Ball (IRELAND)

Kourtney Pavlov (daughter of director Vladimir Pavlov) has had a great love for Circus from a very young age. Kourtney has performed many roles in the circus ring such as comedy, ring master, dancing, hula hoop, presenting seven Shetland ponies and finally aerial ball. There are very few circus artists performing in the aerial ball and Kourtney is one of the finest.

"Even though I'm risking my life, I love the thrill of performing to a live audience everyday"

As well as performing in the show Kourtney has also taken on a new role within the family business and has turned her hand to managing the circus on a day-to-day basis, including getting her hands dirty when the big top is being raised, selling you your souvenirs and WOWING you with her amazing talents during every performance of circus Vladimir 2017.

Sebastian Foray - Aerial Straps (S.ENGLAND)

Sebastian from a young age aspired to run away with the circus, with this passion in his blood. He then learnt multiple circus skills including gymnastics, flying trapeze and aerial straps. 

With his new found talent he turned his dream into a reality and has since worked for many reputable circus names in and around the UK and Europe. Circus Vladimir is very proud to showcase his talents in our 2017 tour.

Alfio Macaggi - Juggler & Pole (SPAIN)

This young artist is fourth-generation circus family. He first started the art of juggling at the age of just six years old. His first time performing in a circus ring at the young age of just seven. 

After years of perfecting the art of juggling he then moved on to learn the skill of balance and strength. Alfio has just finished a two year tour in Switzerland and is now looking forward to perform in the UK for the very first time with Circus Vladimir.

Duo gravity - Aerial Silks (USA)

These two performers have a very special story. They met by chance while performing on a cruise ship in Germany. By the time they had finished their contract they had fallen in love. Not wanting to part ways they decided to combine their skills of contortion an aerial and created duo gravity.

Paul Martinez - Ringmaster (U.K.)

Paul from a young age was a circus enthusiasts following many circuses that visited his home town. When Paul reached the age of 13 he had his very first opportunity to work in the circus during the school holidays, after this time he finished school and studied in college before deciding his heart lied with the circus. Joining the circus at 19 he found his niche as ringmaster and he worked for many well-known circuses over the UK and Ireland. He is very proud to be presenting Circus Vladimir.

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